Why you Should Buy a Two Person (Double Hammock) over a Single Person Hammock

Why you Should Buy a Two Person (Double Hammock) over a Single Person Hammock

By: Weston Barnes Owner and Designer of Mr. Mocks Hammocks 

When picking a hammock it can be hard because there are so, so many options.  In this blog, I'm simply going to show you a few key reasons you should buy a Two Person, or a Double hammock over a single person hammock. (Note this is for casual campers and people just wanting to chill in the park)


First off what are my credentials to be telling you what hammock to buy?  Over the past five years I have been testing different hammocks, and styles.  In the summer of 2017 is spent 107 nights in a row outside testing different hammocks and sleeping styles. Still to this day I spend most nights sleeping in a hammock. I used this knowledge to start my own hammock company Mr. Mocks Hammocks. 


The first real reason you should buy a double person hammock over a single person hammock is the usable space.  The usable space is NOT the width of the hammock, but the area between the two seams, or the main color of the hammock (The turquoise in the picture above).   This area is just what it sounds like, the area you can use and lay in.  The main reason is that the seam isn't comfortable to lay on because it doesn't stretch as much as the rest of the fabric creating a high tension spot. The reason you want a larger usable space is because it allows you to lay more diagonally in your hammock.  This is more comfortable because you're spreading your weight out over more of the fabric. NOT EVERY DOUBLE HAMMOCK HAS THE SAME USABLE SPACE.

The second reason you should buy a double hammock is because you never know who you're going to meet in the park ;).  All jokes aside you never know if you're going to want to bring a two or four legged friend a long on your adventure.  Having a double hammock gives you that extra room! There are so many ways to use a hammock with two people! The best way to learn is get one, and just keep moving around until you're comfortable! 


If double hammocks are so much better why do other companies sell single person hammocks?  The answer is easy.  It is a cheaper option they can sell to first time hammockers.  Once they use the hammock they realize they want a larger hammock, so end up buying a double hammock.  How do I know this?  Because I was one of them, and so were most of my friends!  

The main exception when you might want a single person hammock is for long backpacking trips or when weight is a real concern.  In that case you'd want a single piece (One Color no seams), single person hammock.  But that is a whole different discussion than this blog today!  (I needed to say that so I don't get 100,000 negative comments)


Quick Recap:

Usable Space

Can Bring a Friend   


The best place to get a high quality affordable double hammock is MrMocks.com!  You can buy your hammock there or check out through Amazon!  Mr. Mocks is a small Michigan based Business started by yours truly (Me).

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