Our Story

About the Mocks

Mr. Mocks was created from my passion for the outdoors and my love of spending a warm summer night out beneath the stars.  Unhappy with the price of hammocks on the market I set out to make a product that would rival the competition; and be a product a college kid like myself could afford.
Here at Mr. Mocks we believe Hammocks should come with Tree Straps and all the goodies you need for the perfect hang!

About Myself

My name is Weston Barnes, I'm 23 years old, and I'm a 2017 graduate of Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor's degree in Entrepreneurship.  I got my first sewing machine as a Christmas present from my mom.  I learned how to sew by making our little dog Maddie jackets and blankets.  I Have a Kitten named Ms. Mocksie, and a Horse named Scarlett.  Above all things I am truly thankful for all of my supportive friends and family who've helped, and supported me through this journey.