Our Story

About the Mocks

Once upon a time, I asked for a hammock for Christmas. Funny enough, my mother laughed at me and said, "No, you'll never use it." Being the poor/cheap high schooler I was, I had to find another way to get one. So that year, I asked for a sewing machine. That Christmas, I received a sewing machine and learned how to sew, making dog blankets and jackets for my mom before finally summoning the nerve to sew what I truly desired—a hammock.

In 2017, I officially launched Mr. Mocks with the goal of making high-quality outdoor gear affordable, allowing everyone to get out and enjoy what I love: nature. So there I was, a naive college kid, sewing every hammock on a pingpong table in my childhood bedroom. Thankfully, we have since grown to the point where I have taken over most of my dad's garage (he has mixed feelings about that). As we continue to expand, we always promise to bring new products of a quality and price that young me would have been able and willing to spend my hard-earned money on.

Thanks for reading and checking out my business,

Weston Barnes

Owner and Designer

Logo and Name

What is it?! A Duck?! I hear that a lot and I'm not sure.  I've always drawn it since I was a little kid.  It's a combination of Odie and the road runner, but the body is shaped like a W for Weston.  For Mr. Mocks I rounded out the body to be shaped like a hammock and added the netting for the mosquito net.

For the name Mr. Mocks we always called hammocks, mocks and the bird logo needed a name, so Mr. Mocks it was.  Also the fact that naming a business is a lot harder than it sounds and everything else I came up with was dumb played a huge factor.